I think it’s time we introduced ourselves!

You might have seen a little bit of the work we have been doing (and in partnership with iSimulate), and have asked yourself…. Who are they and why the hell are they called Flipped Paramedic? Understandable, we came out of nowhere, and with an interesting name.

Well let us introduce ourself!!

Flipped Paramedic has its foundation in the Flipped Classroom Methodology! If you have never heard of it. The Flipped Classroom Methodology is structured around the idea that lecture or direct instruction is not the best use of class time. Instead, students encounter information before class, freeing class time for activities that involve higher order thinking.

For the most part, the Flipped Classroom methodology is associated with primary/secondary education. You never really hear it talked about in context of continuing education, especially in EMS. While there are a lot of options for online Con Ed courses. One the thing these do lack is the in-person application/practice after the fact. Our goal is to change that!

Flipped Paramedic is being to designed to not only help initial EMS education programs/schools flipped the classroom. But to flipped the ConEd classroom as well. We will not only focus on Prehospital Medicine, but Critical Care Transport medicine. With course and content that is appropriate for all levels from EMT to RN!

We already have a fully functioning LMS that will have all training videos that we develop. The will all be offered as FOAMED (Free Open Access Meducation). We are in the process of gaining CAPCE accreditation to offer a membership to the LMS for you to be able to obtain ConEd credits when viewing them. These videos will also contain an instructor guide on how to implement in-classroom/in-person continued training on the topic(s). Even if it’s just a supervisor making their rounds and having a discussion with the crew or having a skill day that incorporates the information/knowledge obtain from the courses.

Additionally, will be teaching Live/In-Person EMS and Critical Care classes. And will provide resources and consultation to help flip your EMS or ConEd classroom.

We are excited to get things moving! Please be patient as we get going! Education should not only be informative but it should also be fun and be done with a purpose! I promise you it will be worth the wait. Please follow us on Facebook for updates!

Please reach out if you have any questions in the meantime.


Founder- Flipped Paramedic