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I found that understanding the types of solutions and, more importantly, their influences on the body. Is a topic that many students and even some current providers still have issues grasping.

Students are presented with a similar picture, like the one on the cover for this post, or given a youtube link to watch a video on the topics.

One of the best ways I found to help the student apply the topic is for them to experiment with a drop of their blood.

See the video below:



DISCLAIMER: NOW, DON’T JUST GO AND SHOW THIS VIDEO AS WELL! We know what you were thinking! 😉

Equipment needed for each student:

  • Microscope – if you’re associated with a college- Shouldn’t be hard. If you’re not, still ask a college or high school to borrow some microscopes. You never know until you ask!!!
  • Blood specimen x3 (from student)
  • Lacent x 3
  • Slides for specimin slides x 3
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Gauze and bandaids
  • Your choice of fluids
  • Biohazard, Sharp, and Glass disposal
  • Stable table for microscope

Now go forth to learn and educate

Closing Thought-

We are doing more watching than practicing nowadays. Let’s find ways to practice again!!